Want to go racing in a cheap way? Dacia Logan Cup, one of the cheapest vehicles on the market, a series of racing mods good for the budget automobile. The Logan Cup obviously draws on the expertise of the parent company`s tuning shop and in-house motor Renaultsport, with the same formula that`s on hot variants of Megane and Clio, at a much smaller scale. Dacia Cup has three different variants for track, off-road rally and road rally racing. The running gear is stock to keep the cost of servicing and acquisition down to a minimum. Depending on the model, the Logan Cup has all manner of equipment of racing-spec from roll cage up to Bilstein shocks and from the rear wing right to racing harness. You`ll get the packages from Dacia and Renault dealerships wherever Logans model are sold – counting out the US market, for one – used in a bunch of racing series (low-level), and the builder is organizing local one- make race series in the whole world. Simple, but… it might work actually. For more info check out logan-cup.com. End of Dacia Logan Cup review.
Inside Dacia Logan Cup

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